Ever since I painted all room’s walls with the crayons, when I was 5 years old, nothing could stop me from painting the world in my colours. I got grounded, of course, but I also got tons of paper so that I wouldn’t use the wall as my canvas again. That’s how my journey started!

As expected, I completed Bachelor studies in Animation and visual effects. Right after I started working for the regional TV station, in the unit for PR and Promotion. There I learned a lot about branding, copywriting and teamwork, and made some friends for life. But after some time I wanted to learn more!

I moved to Belgium and completed Master studies in Graphic storytelling. During studies, I made children book about depression and self-harm and a graphic novel about my experiences of the bombing of Serbia in 1999 when I was 9 years old child. I became interested in children’s literature regarding difficult topics, unconventional children’s books and graphic narratives about marginalised experiences of the world.

The research I did for my previous book motivated me to apply for doctoral studies. I am currently doing a PhD research about the representation of childhood in graphic narratives in Belgium.

Next to the research, I work as a freelance illustrator and educator, working with magazines, companies, audio-visual studios, cultural associations and humanitarian organisations. I enjoy working with people on creative and exciting projects. I illustrate books and brochures, create comics for magazines, give workshops about comics (for organisations such as Wisper) and storyboards and character design for animation studios.

I worked with: Wisper, Pulp De Luxe, De Munt (Brussels), Gestalt ReVision research group at KU Leuven, Kraftkor Studio, Komunikart, Radio Television of Vojvodina, Red Cross of Serbia, Red Cross of Vojvodina, Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina, Agency for education NTC EDU, Department of Biology and Ecology of the University of Novi Sad.


I absolutely love being in nature! Cycling, hiking, camping and becoming a friend with animals. I am a coffee addict, and I love decorating my coffee. I appreciate the company of curious people and deep conversations. I enjoy learning new things (I set up this website myself) and mixing up the languages (currently simultaneously using Serbian, English and Modern Greek, and learning Dutch). I believe that elephants and children are the most exciting creatures in the world!


Plezir Magazine, PulpDeLuxe, Destelheide Hanenbos


La maison des auteurs
Selected for 2-month Comic book cross-residency between Serbia and France,
Angouleme, France, June 2020
Due to pandemic, the residency is postponed for later in the year.

Experimental comics residency-laboratory (PFC#6 : ChiFouMi des étudiants)
Angouleme, France, January 2019.

Residency, Destelheide Hanenbos, Belgium, June 2018.


Exibited comic pages from “Socks lost in war”
Balkan festival of young comics creators, Leskovac, Serbia, June 2019.

“LUCAgrad19” – collective exhibition of graduation projects
LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, Belgium, July 2019.

Collective Exhibition “From HAUNTED to GHOSTED”
presented comics made during our Pierre Feuille Ciseaux “Student” edition (with Association Chifoumi),EESI, Angouleme, France, January 2019.

“LUCAgrad18” – collective exhibition of graduation projects
LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, Belgium, July 2018.

Collective Exhibition “ReLocation“
Destelheide Hanenbos, Belgium, June 2018.

Collective exhibition “Orpheus and Eurydice“
graphic stories for the Community project Orpheo and Majnun, MUNTPUNT, Brussels, Belgium, June 2018.

Exhibited short comics “Vacation time” and “Freedom“
Balkan festival of young comics creators, Leskovac, Serbia, June 2017.

Exhibited illustrations
Bookill Fest, Book illustration Festival , Novi Sad, Serbia, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019.