She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Animation and Visual Effects at the University of Novi Sad in Serbia and her Master’s degree in Graphic Storytelling at Luca School of Arts in Belgium. Currently, she works as a PhD researcher at the Institute for Media Studies at KU Leuven and a teaching assistant at the Graphic Storytelling course at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Through artistic practice, she explores the representation of childhood in comics.
She is interested in children’s literature regarding difficult topics, unconventional children’s books and graphic narratives about marginalised experiences of the world.

Dragana is a passionate advocate for enhancing the visibility of young comic authors in Serbia, which led her to co-found “Comic-Aunties” (Stripotetke), an organization dedicated to improving the visibility of women and young authors in the world of comics.

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She absolutely loves being in nature—cycling, hiking, camping, and becoming friends with animals. She is a coffee addict, and she loves decorating her coffee. She appreciates the company of curious people and deep conversations. She enjoys learning new things (she set up this website herself) and mixing up the languages (currently simultaneously using Serbian, English, and Modern Greek and learning Dutch). She believes that elephants and children are the most exciting creatures in the world!




2021. Sto lica stolica, Kreativni centar, Serbia.
2020. Moj Imaginarijum, Umetnička knjiga, Montenegro.
2015. Zdravlje je najveće bogatstvo, Crveni krst Novog Sada, Serbia.


2020. Robert, Pulp de Luxe, Belgium.
2019. The First Day on Earth, Pulp de Luxe, Belgium.


2023. At Home (Besna Kobila, Stripotetke, Serbia)
2023. Breaking The Silence
(System Comics, Serbia)
2021. Drita’s story
 (Centre For Public History, Serbia)
2019. How to Escape the Loop?, collaborative comics (PFC#6 : ChiFouMi des étudiants, Angouleme, France)
2018. Orpheus and Eurydice (The Opera House, Brussels, Belgium)


2019. Socks lost in war (LUCA School of Arts, Belgium)
2019. Zwartezustersstraat 16 (LUCA School of Arts, Belgium)
2018. There is no more sugar (LUCA School of Arts, Belgium)



N1 Television, Plezir MagazinePulpDeLuxeDestelheide Hanenbos


2020. October and November, La maison des auteurs, Comics book residency, Angouleme, France.
2019. January, Experimental comics residency-laboratory (PFC#6: ChiFouMi des étudiants) Angouleme, France.
2018, June, ReLocation, Visual arts residency, Destelheide Hanenbos, Belgium.



2023. Beyond Comics: A look into the artworks of comics authors from Serbia/ Izvan kvadrata: Pogled na umetničke radove stripskih autora iz Srbije,
International Comics Festival of Belgrade’s Student Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia;
2023. At Home,
a collective exhibition of the works from the anthology of comics, Galerija Bate Mihailovića, Pančevo, Serbia;
2023. The Island of Love,
Nova Festival of Contemporary Comics, Pančevo, Serbia
2022. Horizons, the exhibition of authors in residence, House of Authors, Angouleme, France;
2021. 51st Golden Pen of Belgrade, the 16th International Biennial of Illustration, Konak kneginje Ljubice, Belgrade, Serbia;
2020. Nova Festival, the festival of contemporary comics, Galerija Bate Mihailovića, Pančevo, Srbija;
2019. “LUCAgrad19”, collective exhibition, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, Belgium;
2019. “From HAUNTED to GHOSTED”, collective exhibition, EESI, Angouleme, France;
2019. “Socks lost in war”, pages, Balkan festival of young comics creators, Leskovac, Serbia;
2018. “LUCAgrad18”, collective exhibition, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, Belgium;
2018. “ReLocation“, collective exhibition, Destelheide Hanenbos, Belgium;
2018. “Orpheus and Eurydice“, collective exhibition, graphic stories for the Community project Orpheo and Majnun, MUNTPUNT, Brussels, Belgium;
2017. “Vacation time” and “Freedom“, short comics, Balkan festival of young comics creators, Leskovac, Serbia;
2015, 2016 and 2018. Exhibited illustrations, Bookill Fest, Book illustration Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia;