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From January 16 to 23, the EESI joined FIBD and the ChiFouMi association to host the international Pierre Feuille Ciseaux workshop, led by Nicolas Verstappen, author and teacher at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. It is a laboratory residence around experimental comics, which has been created and conducted many times in France and the United States. This year, 20 students from 10 international schools were invited to participate in this residency, in parallel with the residency which brings together professional authors, the same week and a few kilometres from Angoulême.

For a week, 20 students from all over the world and me, tried to push the limits of comics by following a set of collective work experiments and constraints proposed by Nicolas Verstappen and invited authors. During this residency, we were invited to explore, build and deconstruct graphic stories. The results of this residency were shown in the form of 2 collective comics publications and one exhibition that the visitors of the Angouleme comic festival could see.

Statistics: 12 days, more than 12 nationalities. Changed 5 trains. Climbed more than 300 stair steps in Paris. Didn’t actually see Paris (was only underground). For the first time in France. Drew more than 76 hours. Found 2 books that were not in French (they were silent!). 5 hours of sleep per day. 20 students, 20 professionals. Made 2 publications and one exhibition. 8 litres of wine. Didn’t find any sweet wine (although I searched very hard). Not even one baguette (yes, I am ashamed!). Searched for the keys of the room around 30 times. Ate at the Indian restaurant 3 times. Learned 3 words in Finish. Forgot them. Bound over 200 zines.

Participants: Adèle Mesones, Margaux Peron, Nicharee Sawartsoot, Sasi Tanyanurak, Quentin Bohuon, Irina Lisacheva, Dragana Radanović, Eva Lynen, Dido Drachman, Nina Six, Léo Gillet, Ulrike Marais, Neeske Alexander, Elísabet Rún Þorsteinsdóttir, Björn Heimir Önundarson, Tommi Ollikainen, Juliana Hyrri, Terhi Adler, Théo Remmlinger, Félix Ernoult

Partner schools: Chulalongkorn, Bangkok (Thailand) HEAR, Strasbourg (France) LUCA, Brussels (Belgium) ERG, Brussels (Belgium) University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town (South Africa) School of Visual Art, Reykjavík (Iceland) Aalto University, Aalto (Finland) HEAD, Geneva (Switzerland)

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